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I build websites for online stores based on Shopify as well as Wix or Squarespace with custom coding.

Jewelry photography and retouch price:

E-com images (on a white background, provided as both JPGs and transparent PNGs with or no shadows):

• 1 - 10 images: $20.00 each

• 11 - 20 images: $18.00 each 

• more than 21 images: $15.00 each

See examples of before and after

Social media post, editorial images, graphics, provided as JPGs, PSDs, PDFs, SVGs: 

$30 - $300, depending on the complexity.

See examples

Short, high quality 360-degree vid, on a white background, white balance corrected.: 

• 1 - 10 vids: $25.00 each

• 11 - 20 vids: $22.00 each 

• more than 21 vids: $20.00 each

See examples


How It Works

• Contact me by email or phone to discuss your needs. If you are not exactly sure what style of shot you want, I can offer suggestions for background & lighting for your style of work.

• I will email you a shipping form PDF for your correct address, insurance value and shipping preference etc.

• Clean pieces thoroughly (this is important), and put each piece in a labeled plastic bag.  

• Ship your items insured and "Signature Required". Once I receive your work, I will notify you immediately. At that point we can discuss your shots in depth if needed. If there’s specific camera angle you would like, an iPhone photo or 

sketch helps but it is not necessary.

• After shooting your images they will be uploaded to a web gallery for viewing exactly as you will see them on your web browser. When approved, you will receive an invoice for payment by credit card, Venmo/Paypal, E-checks are also accepted.

• After payment is received you will receive a link to download your images.

For extra cost, I can also come to your office to photograph your inventory.

Most jobs can be completed in 4-5 days, with a proof uploaded to a web gallery in 2-3 days, depending on current workload.

Jewelry Retouch Pricing

• Prices range from $5.00 to $10.00 for each image. 

• Quantities and extent of retouch determine pricing.

• Email a sample image and get a quote.

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